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7 main benefits for you
from cooperating withExelmedia

  1. BUSINESS SAFETY Risk-free collaboration (you can resign at any time without risking your business by paying invoices you don't want to pay under the pressure of a long-term contract)
  2. LEGAL SAFETY The agreement does not contain unfair provisions, plus all the built resources after the end of cooperation (including links) will remain your property
  3. OPERATIONAL SAFETY We operate based on proven SEO/ADS knowledge and years of experience, including the experience gained in our own e-commerce project TULISIE.pl - we are PRACTITIONERS
  4. TRANSPARENCY OF ACTIONS We summarize each month's activities with a detailed report, giving you constant insight into progress and the course of work
  5. PREMIUM SERVICE FOR OUR PARTNERS We act in a common interest, so direct contact with you through the SLACK channel, as well as online meetings or phone calls, is particularly important to us
  6. COLLABORATION FLEXIBILITY We achieve your goals, adjusting our actions every month for the best results we can achieve for you
  7. WORKING WITH E-COMMERCE PRACTITIONERS You will benefit from our long-standing experience in running our own online store. This helps us better understand every aspect of e-commerce business
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I'm calling about a new service
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I consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with privacy policy

Exelmedia - Ethical SEO and ADS

Exelmedia is an e-commerce and SEO agency with one goal - to restore the joy of doing SEO and ADS marketing on FAIR PRINCIPLES. In our actions, we believe that the most effective approach is an individual one. Therefore, when you choose to cooperate with us, you can be sure that you won't become just another client; you'll be our partner. This way, we can fully engage in your business and help it grow. Acquire new customers, improve visibility in search engines, increase sales, and outperform your competition with effective and honest SEO and ADS actions carried out by the best specialists from Exelmedia!

Honest SEO and Google Ads for Your Store

Our offer is addressed to online store owners based on CMS systems such as Shoper, Prestashop, or WooCommerce. So, if you run a business and want to improve its visibility, reach new customers, and consequently grow your store and increase profits, you are in the right place! Through our cooperation, we offer comprehensive e-commerce services, especially ethical SEO and Google Ads actions. Our work includes SEO audit and optimization, content marketing, link-building, development work, and the creation and management of advertising campaigns. Both honest SEO for online stores and effective and honest Google Ads advertising are key to the success of any online business. Additionally, we provide advice based on our extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, assistance in automating e-commerce processes, and help in implementing other sales channels. Every agency has its areas of expertise, and ours includes marketing for the children's and automotive industries and marketing for Shoper stores, where we act as a Shoper Partner. Explore our full range of services for honest Google Ads and SEO in selected local cities and let's start working together today!

Ethical ADS and SEO at Exelmedia - what sets us apart?

Our company has been successfully operating in the e-commerce market for many years. During this time, we have gained significant experience and helped many clients whose businesses were based on online trading and more. You can read more about it in our case study. Furthermore, we offer very attractive cooperation conditions, and we treat our clients as partners. We also have our own online store in the children's industry, which ranks high and achieves numerous successes. As you can see, we have many advantages, and we assure you that by choosing to cooperate with the Honest E-commerce and SEO Agency Exelmedia, you will discover even more of our benefits and opportunities that we will create for your business. Trust our specialist knowledge, experience, and the incredible skills of our e-commerce experts, and you will see that with Exelmedia, your online store has no limits!

Honest SEO and Google Ads - why does honesty matter?

During our many years of work in the SEO industry, we have often entered into cooperation with clients who were initially negative about SEO/ADS services. This was due to their past experiences when promised mountains turned out to be mere dreams, and long-term contracts were nothing but a burden. At Exelmedia, we believe that the most beneficial cooperation is one that brings tangible benefits to both parties. That's why we advocate for honest SEO and ADS as part of the #nabiciwseo campaign, focusing on safe business, transparent actions, partnership cooperation, and no long-term commitments. From us, you won't receive unrealistic promises, multi-page contracts with hidden legal loopholes, or unreadable reports with only pretty, colorful charts. Instead, you can expect concrete actions, preceded by a well-developed strategy, ongoing communication, and in the end, honest SEO and Google Ads for your business.

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