– shop with Asian products 2024 is a store selling food products and kitchenware of Asian origin. Cooperation with our partner has been ongoing since 2022. During this period, we successfully improved the website's position, which significantly increased traffic and improved sales results.

Improving the visibility of Sushi-shop in the Google search engine


Sushi-shop currently ranks top in the search results, which proves the strong position of our partner on the market. The store's assortment includes products dedicated to Asian cuisine, including both food products and kitchenware from Asia. The activities we carried out resulted in an increase in the number of new users, which translated into measurable benefits, such as increased sales and increased brand recognition.

1. Scope of activities carried out

  • SEO strategy for the Shoper store

We started our cooperation with with a comprehensive website audit, analysis of the competition and the target customer group. Based on the data obtained, we developed a strategy aimed at increasing search engine visibility, which translated into acquiring new customers and improving sales results.

  • Content marketing and keyword research

After establishing an individual SEO strategy for Sushi-sklep, we conducted an in-depth keyword analysis. The results of this analysis were used to create new content and optimize the current content on the website.

  • SEO optimization

The next element of our Partner's success is SEO optimization and technical optimization of the store. Our analysis allowed us to identify any irregularities and technical errors on the website that had a negative impact on the positioning and user experience. We immediately took action to repair them, which resulted in both improved website visibility in the Google search engine and a better experience for customers visiting the website.

  • Link building

One of the important areas of our work is also link building. As part of link building activities, we focused on optimizing internal linking for the Sushi-sklep domain, while building a solid base of valuable external links.

2. Effects of cooperation

Operating in the e-commerce industry is quite a challenge, and achieving success often involves many difficulties. Therefore, it is worth using the help of SEO positioning specialists. Our many years of experience allowed us to quickly identify problems and repair them effectively, which immediately resulted in a significant improvement in the store's visibility in the search engine. Our activities focused largely on expanding the store structure and creating new categories based on niche phrases. Thanks to this, we managed to reach determined customers who are looking for a specific type of products. Thus, the number of users on the website and, consequently, sales increased significantly. In the coming months, we plan to further develop the store, which will certainly translate into even better results.

Sushi-sklep – Case Study 2024 – Google Search Console

Effectiveness in search results (on the web) from 20.10.2022 to 21.02.2024


Effectiveness in search results (graphics) from 05.10.2022 to 04.02.2024 – Case Study 2024 – Ahrefs

Organic traffic


Organic keywords – TOP 1-3

Organic keywords – TOP 4-10

Organic keywords – TOP 11-20

Organic keywords – TOP 21-50

Organic keywords – TOP 51+ – Case Study 2024 – Senuto

Visibility in Google according to Senuto – TOP 3

Visibility in Google according to Senuto – TOP 10

Visibility in Google according to Senuto – TOP 50

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