About Us

About Us


Our mission is to conduct SEO/ADS services with honesty and integrity.

Through our actions, we aim to bring joy back to marketing for all its beneficiaries.

Your business security and satisfaction are paramount to us, from the SEO/ADS services themselves to our partner support.

We don't lock you into multi-year contracts or impose penalties that affect our partnership.

We are a boutique agency that derives satisfaction from the success of our partners, collaborating with them for years.

You work with e-commerce practitioners because we have run our online store for years, so you can benefit not only from our industry knowledge but also from our extensive experience.

We are sponsors of the social campaign #nabiciwseo, where we help people avoid negative experiences related to SEO/ADS services.

Join us in a partnership with EXELMEDIA® - Bringing joy back to SEO/ADS marketing with HONEST PRINCIPLES.


Marcin Atamańczuk

CEO - Creator and Visionary

He gained his experience in the print advertising analysis department at Media Regionalne group. An MBA graduate and business trainer. Since 2008, he has been developing his passion for online marketing. His favorite topic is search engine advertising and increasing conversions in e-commerce. Over the years, he has promoted dozens of companies online. Currently, he is involved in consulting, developing, and implementing online marketing strategies. He trains both companies and future employees in online marketing, conducting classes with students.


Paweł Oleś

CEO - Director General of the Agency

A supporter of SXO (Search Experience Optimization). He has been trained by the best specialists in Poland in the field of SEO, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. His main specialization is E-commerce. He combines various online promotion and sales channels because only multi-platform sales, along with user behavior analysis on the website, enable the success of an online store. In the company, he is responsible for operational activities and coordinating the work of individual departments.


Jan Maciaszek

SEO/ADS Specialist

He began his adventure with e-commerce and online marketing as an intern in our company in the position of a copywriter. Currently, he is responsible for conducting SEO activities (especially in terms of content creation and optimization on websites) and Google ADS advertising. Privately, he is a enthusiast of good cuisine, healthy eating, and sports, trying to spend every free moment actively.


Paweł Wencel

Front End Developer, SEO Specialist

Paweł is a multi-talented individual with a knack for improving processes and a mission to overcome all obstacles on the way to indexing your website. At the company, he leads the automation department in SEO and e-commerce, and his programming solutions save a lot of money for us and our partners. Privately, he is passionate about good food prepared by himself (many a restaurateur hides in shame) and an entrepreneur with a knack for effective selling.


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